Accessible Leaflets

Accessible leaflets provide information in a way that people with learning disabilities, and children, can understand even though they find reading hard. Accessible leaflets have written information with easy words and use visual things like videos and pictures that match them.

Change Portfolio

Various easy read leaflets and books produced by CHANGE, a leading national human rights organisation led by Disabled People, on behalf of other organisations.

Easy Read Health Wales

The Easy Read Health Wales website provides people with learning disabilities and their families with easy to read information on a wide variety of topics on health and well-being.

The Easyhealth website has links to over 500 easy to read leaflets which have been written by a number of organisations.

Easy Info Zone

The NHS Inform Easy Info Zone was developed in conjunction with the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) to provide easy read accessible health information.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Zone

The Children's Zone has a wealth of information in easy to understand formats specifically for children.

Hearty children's guide to cardiomyopathy

Available from the Cardiomyopathy Association this is a booklet with cartoons and easy to understand descriptions.

Mencap My Life

The My Life website provides videos and easy to read leaflets on friends, home, money and work for people with learning disabilities.

Seeability - My eye care

The My eye care website has easy to read information about having your eyes tested, wearing glasses, eye problems and eye operations. 

The Elfrida Society

The Elfrida Society website has a set of easy to read leaflets and booklets which are free to invidivuals but this has to be done as a telephone order.